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No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden

No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama Bin Laden

Product Description

For the first time anywhere, the first-person account of the planning and execution of the Bin Laden raid from a Navy Seal who confronted the terrorist mastermind and witnessed his final momentFrom the streets of Iraq to the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips in the Indian Ocean, and from the mountaintops of Afghanistan to the third floor of Osama Bin Laden’s compound, operator Mark Owen of the U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group — commonly known as SEAL Team Six — has been a part of some of the most memorable special operations in history, as well as countless missions that never made headlines.

No Easy Day
 puts readers alongside Owen and the other handpicked members of the twenty-four-man team as they train for the biggest mission of their lives. The blow-by-blow narrative of the assault, beginning with the helicopter crash that could have ended Owen’s life straight through to the radio call confirming Bin Laden’s death, is an essential piece of modern history.

Black List : buy ebooks

Black List

Product Description

A stunning masterwork of action, intrigue, and ingenious plot twists.
#1 New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor returns with his most explosive thriller ever. Somewhere deep inside the United States government is a closely guarded list. Members of Congress never get to see it—only the President and a secret team of advisers. Once your name is on the list, it doesn’t come off . . . until you’re dead.
Someone has just added counterterrorism operative Scot Harvath’s name.
Somehow Harvath must evade the teams dispatched to kill him long enough to untangle who has targeted him and why they want him out of the way.
Somewhere, someone, somehow can put all the pieces together. The only question is, will Harvath get to that person before the United States suffers the most withering terrorist attack ever conceived?
An intense, page-turning novel that is action-packed and frighteningly real, Black List blurs the line between fiction and reality and once again reaffirms why Brad Thor “is arguably the best thriller writer of our time” (Suspense Magazine) and “America’s favorite author” (KTTX).

Hollywood Beginnings (A Quick Read) buy ebooks

Hollywood Beginnings (A Quick Read)

Product Description

In the time it takes to watch a Romantic Comedy... you can read Hollywood Beginnings!


"My mom starred in the most popular beach party movie ever made. Sounds great, right?"
But for Amy there was something not great about her mother's decision to flee Hollywood for Minnesota and never look back. Now, forty years later, mother and daughter return to the City of Angels where surprise endings and happy beginnings are born.

Note: "Hollywood Beginnings" is a "Quick Read" approximately 80 pages long.

Love and Logic Magic For Early Childhood : buy kindle ebooks

Love and Logic Magic For Early Childhood

Product Description

Practical Parenting from Birth to Six YearsLet Jim Fay and Charles Fay, Ph.D., help you start your child off on the right foot. The tools in Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood will give you the building blocks you need to create children who grow up to be responsible, successful teens and adults. And as a bonus you will enjoy every stage of your child's life and look forward to sharing a lifetime of joy with them. Get help with: * potty training * daycare * back-talk * whining * and many more everyday stresses faced by parents of toddlers

Wards of Faerie: The Dark Legacy of Shannara : buy kindle

Wards of Faerie: The Dark Legacy of Shannara

Product Description

Seven years after the conclusion of the High Druid of Shannara trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks at last revisits one of the most popular eras in the legendary epic fantasy series that has spellbound readers for more than three decades.

When the world was young, and its name was Faerie, the power of magic ruled—and the Elfstones warded the race of Elves and their lands, keeping evil at bay. But when an Elven girl fell hopelessly in love with a Darkling boy of the Void, he carried away more than her heart.

Thousands of years later, tumultuous times are upon the world now known as the Four Lands. Users of magic are in conflict with proponents of science. Elves have distanced their society from the other races. The dwindling Druid order and its teachings are threatened with extinction. A sinister politician has used treachery and murder to rise as prime minister of the mighty Federation. Meanwhile, poring through a long-forgotten diary, the young Druid Aphenglow Elessedil has stumbled upon the secret account of an Elven girl’s heartbreak and the shocking truth about the vanished Elfstones. But never has a little knowledge been so very dangerous—as Aphenglow quickly learns when she’s set upon by assassins.

Yet there can be no turning back from the road to which fate has steered her. For whoever captures the Elfstones and their untold powers will surely hold the advantage in the devastating clash to come. But Aphenglow and her allies—Druids, Elves, and humans alike—remember the monstrous history of the Demon War, and they know that the Four Lands will never survive another reign of darkness. But whether they themselves can survive the attempt to stem that tide is another question entirely.

“[Terry Brooks is] the most important fantasy writer since J.R.R. Tolkien.”—Rocky Mountain News

Delicious : buy kindle ebooks


Product Description

Savor this: the new contemporary erotica in the Wicked Lovers series, from the author of Decadent

Luc's entire future is planned out-but there is one very sexy obstacle in his path: Alyssa, a strip club owner with whom Luc recently shared one night of wild abandon. It left Luc terrified by his loss of self­control-and Alyssa desperate for more. But Luc is not the only man desperate to have Alyssa...and that's just one of her secrets-secrets as dark and mysterious and delicious as her fantasies.

Sex kindle ebooks buy now


Product Description

Beautiful American entrepreneur Halston Calderone is jetting to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on business when a sudden illness thrusts her into the arms and care of the dashing and rich Dr. Alejandro Malvo.
Whisked to his luxurious and secluded seaside compound, Halston is lavished with attention to get her well. But what she begins to mistake for seduction is merely a prelude to a far more sinister fate the doctor has in store for her. Halston has been ensnared by a worldwide web of sex traffickers. The Mexican’s idyllic retreat is actually a prison and processing station for women who will vanish into a world of forced prostitution, servitude and even organ removal.
Halston could be just hours away from being enslaved by organized crime’s multibillion-dollar global sex industry.
All may not be lost, however. The doctor’s servants, slaves themselves, are planning a breakout. Two New York journalists, hot on the trail of the missing American, also arrive on the scene to investigate her disappearance. And then there’s Halston herself, ever-resourceful and quick-thinking, who still might figure out a way to escape.
But rescue may not come in time: with the clock ticking, the malevolent Dr. Malvo has decided nothing on earth will stop him from delivering to one particular customer the sex slave he has already bought and paid for—Halston.
“A twisted romance...a mystery...a compelling story...a romantic thriller with a weighty subject matter.”
—Kirkus Reviews

The Fallen Angel: A Novel [buy Kindle Edition]

The Fallen Angel: A Novel

Product Description

After narrowly surviving his finish activity, Gabriel Allon, the wayward son of Asiatic tidings, has confiscated area behind the walls of the Residence, where he is restoring one of Caravaggio's largest masterpieces. But inchoate one salutation he is summoned to St. Saint's Basilica by Priest Luigi Donati, the all-powerful snobby supporter to His Sanctity Pope Libber VII. The body of a bonny spouse lies busted beneath Michelangelo's magnificent stadium. The Residence personnel guess suicide, tho' Archangel believes otherwise. So, it seems, does Donati. But the priest is timorous that a public query power communicate another scuttlebutt on the Faith, and so he calls upon Gabriel to quietly move the truth-with one warning.
"Trammel merchandise one at the Vatican," Donati said. "Don't ask too more questions."
Archangel learns that the extinct white had denudate a harmful secret-a covert that threatens a circular crook enterprise that is pillaging unaltered treasures of oldness and commercialism them to the highest bidder. But there is author to this cloth than righteous rapacity. A mystical operative is plotting an act of countermine that testament descend the humanity into a violate of apocalyptic proportions. . . .
An alcoholic meld of art, game, and story, The Fallen Patron moves swiftly from the private chambers of the Vatican to the glamorous ski slopes of St. Moritz to the lissom avenues of Songwriter and Vienna-and, finally, to a shocking second beneath the humanity's most reverend and oppose portion of artificer. Apiece setting in this singular new is rendered with the like of an Old Artist, as are the spies, lovers, priests, and thieves who occupy its pages. It is a account of establishment and of the blasting quality of secrets-and an all too opportune reminder that those who cannot remember the last are condemned to tell it.

The First Confessor (The Legend of Magda Searus) buy kindle ebooks

The First Confessor (The Legend of Magda Searus)

Product Description

In the abstraction before the Confessors, when the man is a unlighted and chancy expanse, where subversiveness and treason are the generalisation of the day, comes one heroic negro, Magda Searus, who has upright unregenerated her mate and her way in period.

Shadow of Night: A Novel : Buy kindle ebooks

Shadow of Night: A Novel

Product Description

"Together we lifted our feet and stepped into the unknown"—the thrilling sequel to the New York Times bestseller A Discovery of WitchesDeborah Harkness exploded onto the literary scene with her debut novel, A Discovery of Witches, Book One of the magical All Souls Trilogy and an international publishing phenomenon. The novel introduced Diana Bishop, Oxford scholar and reluctant witch, and the handsome geneticist and vampire Matthew Clairmont; together they found themselves at the center of a supernatural battle over an enchanted manuscript known as Ashmole 782.

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Criminal: A Novel buy kindle ebooks

Criminal: A Novel

Product Description

Karin Slaughter’s new novel is an epic tale of love, loyalty, and murder that encompasses forty years, two chillingly similar murder cases, and a good man’s deepest secrets.

Will Trent is a brilliant agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Newly in love, he is beginning to put a difficult past behind him. Then a local college student goes missing, and Will is inexplicably kept off the case by his supervisor and mentor, deputy director Amanda Wagner. Will cannot fathom Amanda’s motivation until the two of them literally collide in an abandoned orphanage they have both been drawn to for different reasons. Decades before—when Will’s father was imprisoned for murder—this was his home. . . .

War Brides : buy kindle ebooks

War Brides

Product Description

With war threatening to spread from Europe to England, the sleepy village of Crowmarsh Priors settles into a new sort of normal: Evacuees from London are billeted in local homes. Nightly air raids become grimly mundane. The tightening vice of rationing curtails every comfort. Men leave to fight and die. And five women forge an unlikely bond of friendship that will change their lives forever.
Alice Osbourne, the stolid daughter of the late vicar, is reeling from the news that Richard Fairfax broke their engagement to marry Evangeline Fontaine, an American girl from the Deep South. Evangeline’s arrival causes a stir in the village—but not the chaos that would ensue if they knew her motives for being there. Scrappy Elsie Pigeon is among the poor of London who see the evacuations as a chance to escape a life of destitution. Another new arrival is Tanni Zayman, a young Jewish girl who fled the horrors of Europe and now waits with her newborn son, certain that the rest of her family is safe and bound to show up any day. And then there’s Frances Falconleigh, a madcap, fearless debutante whose father is determined to keep her in the countryside and out of the papers.

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Best Books of 2011 Store. buy kindle ebooks

Best Books of 2011 Store. buy kindle ebooks
From independently published thrillers to blockbuster books by marquee authors, the best-selling Kindle books of 2011 comprise a variety of popular fiction and nonfiction. Browse the year's customer favorites, or see our editors' picks in over two dozen categories in our Best Books of 2011 Store.
The Paris Wife: A Novel , Steve Jobs  , The Litigators , Smokin' Seventeen: A Stephanie Plum Novel (Stephanie Plum Novels)  , Caribbean Moon (A Manny Williams Thriller)